To a lot of us, the dishwasher as one of the most useful and beloved pieces of equipment in the home. Its invention freed us from hours at the kitchen sink washing dishes and cutlery by hand.

But how often do you clean yours? And just how do you clean a dishwasher? Here are some dishwasher maintenance tips to ensure your prized machine is left spick and span and works efficiently.

Remove the filter

The filter is designed to trap gunk and waste, so it will be no surprise to find out it gets dirty quickly and must be cleaned. It’s normally found at the bottom of most dishwashers, and is easy to remove. Once you have taken the filter out, soak it in warm, soapy water for 10 minutes and then replace. Consumer guide Which? recommends this job is done on a weekly basis.

Clean the seals

Cleaning the rubber seals around the door of your dishwasher is important because they can be a hiding place for food scraps which will go mouldy and eat into the seal.

One tip is to clean the seals with a solution of three cups hot water to half a cup of vinegar or bleach, and to clean the under-edge of the door with the same solution.

Unblock the spray arms

Twice a year remove the spray arms from your dishwasher and make sure all the holes along it are clear. This can be done by poking the holes with a pin or pipe cleaner. Then, rinse the arm under a tap and replace.

Don’t forget your toothbrush

For those hard to reach dirty areas which need a clean, use an old toothbrush. They are ideal for getting into those hard to reach spaces and loosening any lurking scraps.  Ironically, your current toothbrush, as well as other personal care items like soap dishes and nail brushes, will benefit from being washed in the dishwasher from time to time. Place on the top rack with smaller items and wash on a normal cycle with your dishes.

Rinse through with Buster’s Eucalyptus Clean & fresh Granules

As well as helping to clear debris in plugholes and leaving them fresh and clean smelling, Buster’s Eucalyptus Clean & Fresh Granules works just as well in dishwashers and washing machines.  With the dishwasher empty, pour two capfuls into the soap dispenser and run the machine on a short cycle. Use monthly for a sparkling and hygienic machine.

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