Here at Buster, such is our interest in the humble sink that we keep our eye on the latest trends and designs, especially those for the most used sink in the house. Here’s some important considerations when thinking about buying a new kitchen sink.

1 – One sink or two? (or even three!)

One factor you will have to consider early on is whether you want one large sink or two smaller sinks.

One sink
One sink

One large sink will be preferable if you are considering a farmhouse sink, as that is the style. The advantage of a large sink is that you have a lot of space to wash up and to leave that large casserole dish to soak. The downside is if you are juggling two sink-based chores at the same time  – maybe washing up and preparing food – it can be quite tricky in one sink.

Two sinks
Two sinks

When it comes to choosing a double-basin sink, there are several popular styles to choose from. If you have one larger sink and one small sink – the 60:40 ratio is a common standard – you should have one sink big enough to soak most pots and pans and still space to prep food. This might not be the case with two basins of equal size side-by-side.

Three sinks
Three sinks

There are also three-sink options, typically with two basins and a smaller sink with a garbage disposal unit. A trough sink is another type of sink that has become popular in recent times, so several people can work at it at one time. Remember, these will take up more space.

2 – Which material works best for your needs?

Sinks are made from a range of different types of materials these days. The type you go for will depend on the overall style and look you are after – while there are also practical considerations i.e. how hard wearing and easy to clean the material is.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel sinks add a stylish industrious edge to your kitchens aesthetic and are a practical solution. Hard wearing and easy to clean, they are incapable of being cracked or chipped but may get the odd scratch in the first few weeks of use. These tend to fade out over time however.

Composite materials
Composite materials

Composite materials, such as resin or quartz, are also highly durable. Resin sinks are made from man-made materials giving the look composite, while being cost effective. They are still hard wearing, however cannot maintain the same heat and scratch resistance as real composite quartz.


Ceramic sinks are a traditional material and work well in a farmhouse kitchen setting. Handcrafted and baked in fireclay, its silky smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain whilst being sturdy and hardwearing.

3 – What’s your style?

How will your sink fit into your kitchen scheme both literally and aesthetically? Here is a guide to the main styles of kitchen sink.

Undercount sinks
Undermount sinks

Popular at the moment are undermount sinksthat are installed under the work surface for a cleaner look. With no edges to clean round it makes keeping the work surface free of scraps much easier.

Top mount sinks
Top mount

Drop-in or top mount kitchen sinks fit into an opening in the counter and are much easier to install making them a more cost effective option. They do however lack the clean and minimalist look of an undermount sink.

Apron sink
Apron sinks

Farmhouse or apron sinks offer a classic kitchen look and have the front of the sink exposed – like undermount sinks they usually require some professional help with installation.

Corner sink
Corner & bar sinks

Bar sinks and corner sinks are for those who want smaller sinks in tight spaces. Limited counter space can be a real issue, so a small bar sink ranging from 9.5-18 inches can be an ideal solution. As space-savers go, corner sinks are particularly good for U or L shaped counters.

4 – Sink accessories

From sink grids and built-in colanders to custom cutting boards, workstations and soap dispensers, there are a host of accessories you can incorporate into your modern kitchen sink – giving you plenty to ponder before you make your choice.

Sink accessories
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