Choosing a new bathroom sink can be overwhelming- there are so many styles to choose from, right? We’ve put together this handy guide to help you narrow it down and find the best one for you and your home.

1 – Consider size and shape

Sinks come in all shapes and sizes and there isn’t really one standard size for a bathroom sink, so the size of your sink is really down to how big your bathroom is and what you would like to use the sink for. If it’s just for washing hands and brushing teeth you may wish to install a petite basin. If you like to wash your hair in the sink or even delicate items of clothing you might want to consider a rectangular basin, which tends to be up to 24 inches wide and 23 inches in depth. A typical basin is usually around 7-8 inches in depth.

When it comes to shape, again you should consider the dimensions of your bathroom and the style/shape of other bathroom fittings, such as the WC and shower door as these may influence your decision. If you’re replacing an old sink in a countertop or vanity setting you may be limited in your choice and just make a like-for-like replacement. Current popular shapes include rectangular and square.

2 – Think about the setting and the usage

The location of the sink, along with how it is going to be used, will have an impact on your choice of style of sink.

countertop bathroom sinks

This is the most common method – with the sink sitting in or on a countertop, perhaps as part of a vanity unit, which provides handy storage.

Pedestal bathroom sink

A pedestal sink is one that sits on top of a tall base. This is a good space-saving option and works well in a smaller bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom.  They do not offer storage though, which may be a consideration.

wall mounted bathroom sinks
Wall mounted

Wall mounted sinks work wonderfully in a modern setting and hang from the wall with nothing underneath. All plumbing is hidden behind the walls and or pipes can be boxed in to make it equally attractive.

3 – Which material works best for your needs?

Sinks are available in a number of materials. It’s best to check each one out before purchasing as some require more maintenance than others and can be more difficult to clean.

Vitreous china bathroom sink
Vitreous China

Vitreous china has a smooth, glossy surface that’s stain-resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

metal bathroom sinks

Metal sinks include cast iron, stainless steel and copper and nickel. Brushed and hammered finishes play up the texture of the metals. Some of these finishes, like copper, can be difficult to keep clean.

glass bathroom sink

Glass sinks are surprisingly strong. Tempered glass can withstand normal use but dropping heavy objects into it can cause scratches and chips. Glass can be a challenge to keep clean particularly in hard water.

stone bathroom sinks

Sinks made of marble, granite, travertine, and onyx look and feel luxurious and come with a hefty pricetag. stone can be prone to staining however and require regular sealing as the stone can be porous.

4 – Don’t forget the taps!

Make sure the size or shape of the sink works with your choice of tap. Most sinks come pre-drilled with tap holes so ensure your chosen tap fits the holes in place.  Some sinks don’t have any tap holes. They’re designed for taps that are mounted above the sink.

taps bathroom sink
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