We are still in February but there has been enough bright, sunny days to hint that spring is just round the corner. Our thoughts turn, then, to spring cleaning and what we should include in the big spruce up as we look forward to the better weather.

Here’s a few things you should definitely incorporate into your deep spring clean:
spring clean bedroom
A ship-shape bedroom

As the mornings get brighter, a good place to start your spring clean is the bedroom.

First, open the windows and let some fresh air in – in fact, you should do this for every room you spring clean.
Secondly, empty your drawers and closets, and wash the drawers and shelves. Refold your clothes and put them back neatly, maybe putting aside those that may need a wash because they haven’t been worn much. Take this chance to get rid of clothes you are unlikely to wear again, so you can donate them to a charity shop.

Launder the bedding and freshen up your mattress by sprinkling it with baking soda and letting it sit for 24 hours before vacuuming up. Add some essential oils if you like.

Dust and wash window sills, doors, handles and light shades.
spring clean kitchens
A sparkling kitchen

There is a lot to get through in the kitchen, so here’s a few pointers for a deep clean of the most used room in the house.

Clear out cabinets and drawers – wipe them out and replace items. Get rid of any items you haven’t used in a year and, where possible, donate them to a charity shop.

Empty the fridge, clean it and replace food items, checking for those that are beyond expiry date. Defrost the freezer.

Now to turn your attention to all those chores you have put off for the last year: sharpen your knives, descale the kettle, remove crumbs from the toaster and clean the oven.

If you have roller blinds or Venetian blinds in your kitchen, clean them using a vacuum cleaner and a small bucket with warm water and some detergent and a cloth.

Use Buster’s Plughole Clean & Fresh Foaming Granules to freshen your dishwasher, washing machine and waste disposal unit as well as kill germs and banish bad smells.
An immaculate bathroom
A spring clean offers a good excuse to empty all bathroom cabinets and wash inside. Replace your medications and cosmetics neatly and discard any that are no longer of use.

Clean the mirror, dust the light fixtures and any air ventilation covers.

Put on some old washing up gloves reserved for cleaning the toilet. Clean the toilet inside and out – focus on the U-bend and under the rim – and also remove the seat and clean around seat bolts.

Wash doors and door knobs, sweep and mop the floor tiles and reseal any grout lines if necessary.

Orderly plugholes

We’ve left advice on our favourite subject to last – that is cleaning and caring for plugholes.

If any of your sinks are draining slowly there is probably a build-up of gunk in the pipes that needs breaking down. For this job, if you haven’t cleaned them recently then use either the Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker or the Buster Kitchen Plughole Unblocker depending on where the plughole in question is.

Beyond this Buster Deep Clean Foamer is just the stuff to keep your pipes debris-free, killing germs and eliminating odours for a thorough, deep down clean. Use weekly to prevent the build – up that can cause slow draining water and bad odours.

Alternatively, choose from Buster Plughole Clean & Fresh range on a regular basis to keep bacteria under control and plugholes smelling fresh.  They also clean up sinks to a beautiful sparkle as well!
If you would like further information on this or a related subject, please search the website or contact us and we will be happy to help.