Pet Hair Plughole Unblocker

  • Dissolves all types of pet hair
  • Neutralises odours and freshens
  • Works great with all plugholes, showers, baths and sinks
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Keep pipes free of pet hair, sludge and odours

  • Effective on coarse and fine pet hair
  • Starts working immediately
  • 3 applications

Bath time for pets can be fun. Messy, but fun. Clearing pet hair from plugholes – not so much…

Buster pet hair unblocker is specially formulated to power through blockages and slow draining water caused by pet hair. It quickly breaks down the oils in animal fur and dissolves the build up of hair. Use after washing your pets for clear plugholes and keep pipes clear of hair, sludge and pet odours.

Works great with all plugholes, showers, bath and basins.

For slow draining water and blockages

  • Step 1.

    Carefully pour a third of the bottle (300ml) slowly down the plughole and wipe away any residue
  • Step 2.

    Leave for at least 15 minutes (for best results leave overnight)
  • Step 3.

    Flush through with lots of hot water

Trouble unblocking?

Try our Bathroom Unblocker FAQs.

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Bust out the Buster

Specially formulated for pet hair and animal fur

Where to buy Pet Hair Plughole Unblocker

Our Pet Hair Unblocker is available to purchase on Amazon or alternatively you can search our stockists

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