So, you’ve packed for your long awaited holiday. You’ve remembered to empty the bin, run the hoover round and put some bleach down the loo, but have you given thought to your plugholes?

Warm weather and lack of flowing water makes ideal breeding ground for the bacteria that grow in plugholes to grow and multiply rapidly. This bacteria causes that nasty odour we often find omitting from the plughole, particularly in the Summer months.

You can start to tackle this problem in the run up to your holiday by regularly treating it with Buster Plughole Clean & Fresh Granules. This unique formula tackles odours and leaves plugholes smelling fresh and clean. Buster Deep Clean Foamer can be used weekly to kills germs in overflows and plugholes also, keeping the build up of bacteria at bay, this reducing the chance of returning home from your relaxing break away to an overpowering bad odour emitting from the plughole.

So put Buster on your pre-holiday checklist this Summer, and most importantly, have a wonderful time!

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