We’ve all done it after enjoying a cup of coffee – that is flushing the coffee grounds down the plughole when washing the coffee pot or cafétiere. But is it something we really should be doing?

There is an age-old urban myth that says that coffee grounds are, in fact, good for drain pipes because they are abrasive and clean the sides.  Unfortunately, this old wives tale is simply not true.

Coffee grounds collecting in the pipe or U-bend can get packed tightly and cause a blockage, especially if they combine with other foodstuffs such as vegetables peels or pasta scraps.  It is likely you will be able to shift this build-up with Buster’s kitchen plughole unblocker but in some circumstances the only solution may be to call out a plumber. Your expensive cup of coffee just became even pricier.

So, what should you do with used coffee grounds?

You can put them in the bin or, even better, use them in your compost or as a fertiliser for your garden.

If you add coffee grounds to your compost it will help to add nitrogen to your pile. Your used coffee filters can be composted as well.

Many people simply put coffee grounds straight onto the garden and use them as a fertilizer, working them into the soil around plants.

Coffee grounds will add organic material to the soil, improving its drainage, water retention and aeration. It’s important, though, to be aware of how they might affect the acid levels in your soil.

Here at Buster, we love this solution. Not only does it help keep plugholes clean and blockage free, it also means that waste materials destined for landfill can be re-used in a helpful and nourishing way.

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