Naturally clean

If you’re not a fan of harsh chemical cleaners, good old fashioned lemon juice or vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent when it comes to limescale deposits.

Simply soak a cotton wool pad in lemon juice and secure it over the tap head with an elastic band to keep it on place. Leave it to work for around an hour and after removal scrub with an old toothbrush for best results. You may need to repeat the process if the limescale deposit is very engrained.

Brush up
Put an old toothbrush to good use and use it to scrub any stubborn limescale deposits from around the head and base of the tap. Try spraying a little Limelite or Viakal beforehand to help loosen the grime.
 Top tap tip

If you’re considering a new tap and live in a particularly hard water area you may want to consider a tap with a non-shine finish as it won’t show water marks so readily.

Try brushed nickel or brushed steel for example and look for designs that are relatively simple with few grooves or nooks – this means less places for limescale and grime to gather.
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