Smelly drains and nasty pongs emanating from your plughole can be a real pain.

The rest of the house may be spick and span but unpleasant whiffs can ruin the atmosphere and are often the first thing you notice when you enter your home.

The most common cause of smelly drains inside the home is a blockage in the pipes that has caused bad smelling water to back up.

All sinks will have a U-bend fixture in the pipework, which is designed to contain a small reservoir of water that stops smelly gases from the sewers from coming up the pipes and into the house. But if that water is mucky or if you have debris clinging to the walls of the pipes from a partial blockage – then smells are going to get into your home.

The solution, then, is to try and prevent blockages building up in the first place. Golden rules include not putting food scraps, and oil and fat down the plugholes as these are key causes of blockages. Hair and soap in showers and baths are also a problem.

One way to prevent a build-up of debris is to regularly use a chemical pipe cleaner, such as Buster’s Deep Clean Foamer that will maintain your pipes in good condition. Used on a weekly basis, it will remove gunge, kill germs and eliminate odours, helping to prevent blockages.

But if the smell is already present then we recommend using Buster’s range of plughole fresheners that clean the plughole and surrounding area to freshen, kill germs and banish bad smells.

Buster’s eucalyptus foaming clean & fresh granules also work in dishwashers, washing machines and waste disposals too, leaving them fresh and clean.

Use these products on a weekly basis as part of your regular house clean and bad smelling drains and plugholes will be a thing of the past.

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