While it is common sense to assume that the toilet is the place with the most germs around the home, it would appear there are a number of other places that are more contaminated.

kitchen sink hygiene
Contaminated kitchen sinks

According to the NHS, the kitchen sink is one of these spots, typically containing 100,000 times more germs than a bathroom or lavatory.

One of the most dangerous types of bacteria that lurks in kitchen sinks is E. coli, whose virulent strains can cause gastroenteritis and urinary tract infections. The sink is an ideal breeding ground for E. coli because it is wet and moist and the bacteria can feed on food leftovers that are put down the plughole or left on dishes in the sink.

bathroom sink hygiene
Bathroom sinks and showers

Bathroom sinks and showers can also harbour harmful bacteria and the NHS recommends that they both be cleaned frequently and disinfected, especially if they’ve been used by someone who is ill. If a shower hasn’t been used for a long period, it is suggested that homeowners let it run with hot water before using it.

Blocked bathroom sinks and blocked shower drains can also be an issue and provide sites for bacteria to grow and spread.

sink sanitiser
Plughole Cleaner

That is why Buster has developed its Plughole Clean & Fresh Eucalyptus Foaming Granules & Citrus Active Gel, which has been created to kill germs and prevent bad smells by deep cleaning these hard to reach parts of your home.

The eucalyptus foaming granules activate inside pipes, removing stains and grime and killing plughole germs, leaving plugholes and overflows smelling hygienically clean and fresh. The solution can also be used to clean dishwashers and washing machines where germs and bacteria can also fester.

Used regularly as part of your household cleaning regime, Buster’s Plughole Cleaners can help you rest assured that you are doing your utmost to combat potentially harmful germs around your home.

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