It may be one of the best meals for giving you a good to start to the day but porridge can also cause you serious problems if you try to dispose of any leftovers down the sink.

Thick and glutinous, it is often said the recipe of oats, water and salt or sugar, “sticks to the ribs” but it is these properties that will also cause a blocked sink if you pour porridge down the plughole.

Porridge, especially cold leftovers, is so sticky and gooey that is could cause a clogged sink by itself.  But if you are in the habit of washing all different types of foodstuffs away down the plughole then this is likely to exacerbate your troubles.

Vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, fat and grease will all cling to the sides of pipes and start a blockage. Add porridge to the mix and you will soon be reaching for Buster’s Kitchen Plughole Unblocker, which clears pipes and blasts away trapped debris.

So, what should you do if you have porridge leftover in the pot?
If it is just a small amount, then the best approach is to scrape it all into a bin. But, because porridge amounts can be difficult to gauge, you may find yourself with quite an excess. In these cases, what not try one of the many recipes involving leftover porridge that can be found with a quick search of the Internet?

Any oatmeal recipes that use oats soaked in milk for 10-15 minutes can use leftover porridge instead. These include wonderful oatmeal spice muffins and delicious breakfast cookies.  It’s a great solution, you get two meals for the price of one and your sink is unclogged and working perfectly.

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